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Welcome To Cheryl's Day Care

Daycare Hours 

Monday Thru Friday    7 am To 5 pm 

We can accomodate schedules for
Full Time Care - Year Round Only
  Please take a few moments to look at the various pages on this website.  I feel it is important for parents to be well informed so they can make a good choice when choosing their daycare provider. 
Feel free to call us if you would like to schedule a daycare interview or to discuss daycare rates. 

Due to a very high percentage of No Shows to scheduled daycare interviews with us, we are now asking prospective families to call us to confirm their appointment on the day of their interview. 

This assures us that you are truly interested in learning what Cheryl's Day Care has to offer your child.

We take time out of our busy daycare day to prepare for your visit. 
Just as your time is important, so is ours.  

We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to meeting your family! 
Cheryl's Day Care provides more than just someone watching over your child.  We provide your child with an opportunity to learn social skills, develop friendships and  to increase their knowledge through structured learning and play.  We offer a smoke free, safe, comfortable environment for your child in which to learn and grow. 

Large Dedicated Daycare Room

Large Outdoor Play Area

Daycare Room

Offering Licensed Daycare Since 2003
Nominated For County Provider Of The Year
2004 & 2011
Cheryl's Day Care
(651) 982-2935